1. What is Orahi all about?

Orahi is a dynamic ride sharing system dedicated to making your home-to-office commute:

i) Safe

  • 3-tier verification process
  • Women-only groups
  • Member ratings

ii) Convenient

  • Flexibility to choose time and ride buddies per ride
  • Cashless payments
  • Mobile app with ride-related alerts

iii) Economic

  • No standard/membership fee or entry/exit fee
  • Pay only if you use the service
  • Up-to 100% fuel cost savings

Orahi lets you travel to work with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, making your daily commute safe, green, and a lot of fun.

  1. How does it work?

Orahi connects you automatically with fellow members who stay close to you and travel daily in the general direction of your office. You invite fellow members to share a ride with you, or accept invitations from one or more members who invite you to ride with them. Once the ride is complete, the system transfers payments between Orahi member accounts seamlessly, doing away with any and all problems arising out of having to exchange cash.

Payments are made according to an individual’s home-to-office distance and a fixed per-km charge.

  1. I leave office at different times everyday, so will the system work for me?

Yes, most certainly! The system is designed keeping in mind the prevalent corporate as well as student culture. Set/change your departure time whenever you need to. The system will display fellow members travelling along your route and around your departure time. You can then choose one or more fellow members to travel with.

  1. Do I have to change settings on my profile for every ride?

No. The system will remember and set your profile as per your last ride preference. All you have to do is to invite fellow members to share a ride (or accept an invitation to do the same). This is not automated so you can choose whom you wish to travel with. It will just take you 7 seconds to plan your ride.

  1. I was supposed to offer a ride home to 2 people today, but now I have an unplanned meeting to attend. What do I do?

Anyone can get stuck at work. We appreciate your problem, and we are sure your fellow riders understand, too.

In this case, just cancel your planned ride. Alternatively do not accept any invitations to share a ride at that time. Now you know why we call this a dynamic ride sharing system. The two people you had to drop off will have a way out: the system will show them other members on the same travel route.

  1. What if I travelled with someone once and do not wish to travel with him/her again?

You choose whom you ride with every ride, every time. If you do not get along with a fellow rider, then do not invite them again to share a ride (and if they send invitations, refuse them politely by clicking/tapping on – Sorry, not now). That is all you need to do.

  1. What if I wish to travel with corporate employees only?

Orahi gives you complete freedom to choose your ride partner.

There is a toggle button in settings from which you can choose to travel with college students or corporate employees or both according to your preference.

1. How secure is the system with respect to the people using it?

Orahi is a community built on trust. The 3-tier verification process is an inherent and integral part of the system. It allows us to verify the corporate identity of a member, his/her public identity (via a Government-approved ID document), and his/her mobile number. The verification information shield on a member profile shows you his/her current verification status.

Apart from this, data such as number of rides taken, past rides and previous co-travelers, and community-driven ratings will give you enough information about a member to choose the right person to share a ride.

We also maintain strict records of all rides and payment transactions with associated date and time information as well.

It will always be YOU who decides the fellow member with whom to share a ride. There are no conditions or restrictions. If you do not want to ride with someone, you do not need to. If you have travelled with a member and do not want to ride again with him/her, you do not need to. The system provides you with the flexibility to choose your ride buddy!

2. How does the system verify the members?

  1. Corporate e-mail address: Companies generally verify the identity of potential employees before hiring them. We verify if a member of our community is in fact working in the company they claim to work for.
  2. Government-approved identity document: Our security team checks ID documents manually.
  3. Mobile number: Members are verified against the phone number listed in their profile.

The verification status of each member is shown publically in his/her profile. Members are able to see the verification status and level of verification for each other.

3. Is the system safe for female car-owners/passengers?

The system lets YOU decide whom you travel with and when. As a female car-owner/passenger, if you so prefer you can choose to only travel with other women using women-only groups.

To activate this setting, make sure the corresponding flag is checked when you set up your profile.

 4. How can I report abuse against a fellow member?

The system is designed on the basis of an invite-accept process for every ride. If you are not happy with particular members, simply do not ride with them again.

You can also give these members a low rating on their profile 1-star rating as feedback.
Additionally, in all such instances, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-8800701166.

We take feedback very seriously and reserve the right to suspend/permanently delete member accounts belonging to members who receive consistent negative feedback.

5. Can I provide feedback and/or a rating for a member with whom I have shared a ride?

After a ride, the system lets you provide feedback about the member with whom you shared the ride in the form of star-based ratings. A 1-star rating is the lowest rating (corresponding with a bad experience) and a 5-star rating is the highest rating (corresponding with a fantastic experience). Ratings given to a member by others in our community are all put together to draw out an average user rating. This global rating is displayed transparently in the profile for the member, as for every member in our community.

6. Will be safe for corporate employees sharing a ride with college students?

The students that are registered with us go through the same 3-tier verification process the employees follow.

Additionally, in any inconvenience, you can change your settings to corporate only to ride only with corporate employees.

1. What is the payment mechanism in the system?

Orahi works with a prepaid token system in which tokens are exchanged between members as ride payments. The system is designed to be cashless in order to avoid unnecessary cash-related hassles.

You buy these (Green Tokens) tokens by charging your account with money on the website. Your account is credited with 1 token for 1 rupee. Each token is completely redeemable. Whenever you wish to withdraw money, just submit the filled-in withdrawal form on the website, and your existing green token balance will be returned as money to your linked personal bank account.

2. How much do I pay and when?

Payments on Orahi are simplified for your convenience. All payments happen via tokens, our virtual currency.

* At the end of a ride, a passenger needs to click/tap on Pay on the website/app to make the payment for the ride. As a passenger, you pay Rs 3.5 /km (including the system usage fee of 0.50p).

* At the end of a ride, a car-owner needs to click/tap on Get paid on the website/app to receive the payment for the ride. As a car-owner, you get paid Rs 3 / km / passenger (for up to 4 passengers on a ride). The system will deduct a service usage fee of 0.50p / km once for every ride you share.

There are No entry/exit fees, No monthly fees, No membership charges, and No withdrawal fees.

3. What if I have some green tokens in my account and I do not wish to use this service any longer?

You have the freedom to withdraw from the service whenever you would like. Your account balance, which is equivalent to the number of green tokens in your account, will be transferred seamlessly to your linked personal bank account, either via a cheque or an NEFT account-to-account transaction. The processing of a withdrawal request and associated balance transfer are handled in a billing cycle of 15 days.

4. What if my ride partner does not settle the payment after the ride is complete?

Orahi lets the option of settling the payment open for both car-owner as well as the passenger. If your ride partner has not settled the payment for the ride, then you can click on settle payment button on the ride screen on your own.

1. How can I register for the service?

Visit our website: www.orahi.com.

Register yourself in 3 simple steps and start sharing rides.

  • Step 1: Fill in your personal details and information (home and office location data) to establish your travel route and distance (in km)
  • Step 2: Set up your ride [mode (passenger or car-owner/passenger), day, time, period, and pickup location]
  • Step 3: Choose a fellow member and share a ride

2. How do I increase my chances of getting matched with more members on Orahi?

The system uses your home and office addresses to find potential fellow riders on your route. To increase your chances of finding more relevant members, please make sure your address information is detected properly on the Google Map displayed alongside. If you cannot see any relevant members in your profile, e-mail us at [email protected] and we will try and solve your problem.

3. Where would a car-owner pick me up? Or, where can I pick-up a passenger?

When registering and setting up the profile, every member will list his/her preferred pickup locations for home and office. These are displayed in each member profile. You can check these details before inviting a fellow member to share a ride or before accepting such an invitation. To see the profile page for a member, simply click/tap on the member name/profile picture anywhere on the website.

4. How do I invite a member to share a ride with me?

When you login to the website or the app, your profile page shows you potential members going your way (because our system remembers your set preferences for mode, day, date, time, and period of travel). Simply click/tap on Ride with me next to a member on the list displayed in order to invite that member to share a ride with you.

5. How will I know if a member has invited me to share a ride?

As soon as you have been sent an invitation for a ride, you will receive an e-mail, sms, mobile app notification, and website notification (depending on your configured settings). You can then choose to confirm the ride by clicking/tapping on Yes, thanks or refuse by clicking/tapping on Sorry, not now.

We will then inform the member who sent the ride invitation.

6. What if I cannot travel at a pre-defined time because of some emergency meeting or an unexpected lecture that was fixed after I confirmed my travel plan!?

No problem! We understand corporate as well as college culture. Simply cancel your planned ride on the website or mobile app. Your fellow members (who were planning to share a ride with you) can then look at sharing a ride with other members.

7. If I cancel my planned ride once then can I use the service again, on the same day?

Yes. The system will be reset after a planned ride is cancelled. You may then set your mode, period, and time, before going on to look at options for members with whom to share a ride (just as you did earlier in the day).

8. How can I recharge my account?

Your Orahi account can be recharged from the website as well as the app.

For website, Click Account –> Recharge to recharge via Net Banking or Credit/Debit card.

For app, Go to payments –> Select recharge amount –> Confirm your details –> Recharge to recharge via Net Banking or Credit/Debit card

We connect with one of the best electronic payment gateways in India. All your transactions are fully secure and authenticated by the payment gateway directly. Click here to go-to the recharge page.

9. What is the minimum token balance that I need to maintain in my account?

A passenger would need a minimum balance equal to that corresponding to one home-office ride (in km), which is home-office distance (in km) x Rs 3.5. This is the balance you need for a single ride.

If you are a car-owner then the minimum balance in your account can be ZERO.

10. I cannot change my time or status, what is the problem?

This could be because of 2 reasons:

  • Your account balance is low. Kindly recharge by clicking here
  • You have already planned to share a ride on the day of travel.

Please cancel the planned ride first to set new information for a new ride.

If you continue to face the problem then kindly contact us at [email protected]. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

11. I can set my mode as Car-owner/Passenger but not as Passenger. What could be the reason?

Your account balance may be lower than the minimum balance required for a single ride. Kindly recharge your account by clicking here.

If you continue to face the problem, then kindly contact us at [email protected]. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

12. How can I see my account balance on the website or mobile app?

On the website login to your account click on summary under account to see your current balance

On the app login to the app click on payment and you can see your current balance

You can also click on the Account Summary link to see your account details.

13. How do I search for friends on Orahi?

Click/tap on favorites in the main menu. Enter your friend name in the search bar and search. The system will find your friend for you. To add him/her to your profile, simply click/tap on their name and then on Add to favorites.

14. How can I change my account settings?

Click/tap on Profile to change your registration-related account information.

Click/tap on Settings to set/change other settings related to your account.

15. How can I change my profile picture?

Click on your current profile picture. The system will present you with the option to upload another picture. You can do this from the website as well as the app.

16. Can I set the schedule for an entire week in advance?

Sure, you can do this.

Select the day(s) (of the week), period (morning/evening), mode (passenger/car-owner or passenger), and time. You will then see a list of potential members riding your way at the requisite time. Invite one of them for a ride or accept a ride invitation from a fellow member.

17. How will I be updated about pending invitations?

The system has a built-in notification feature that will notify you on the website, and over e-mail, sms, and a mobile app alert.

18. I rode with a member, but I pressed the Cancel button by mistake (instead of the Get Paid button). The payment did not get transferred. What can I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will help take care of this issue.

19. I did not travel with a friend but pressed Pay by mistake and a payment was made. What can I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will help take care of this issue.

We thank you for becoming part of the Orahi community. Together we will,

  • Reduce traffic-jams by reducing the number of cars on the roads
  • Reduce the consumption of fuel (Petrol/Diesel) to reduce the strain on our natural non-renewable resources and to reduce the amount being spent by our country to import fuel
  • Reduce pollution levels in the city
  • Reduce individual costs behind fuel
  • Feel proud of actually contributing to green-ifying our environment, city, and planet.