You choose when you leave home or office.
Set your standard departure time in your profile. Our system will remember and set it automatically every day. We will list members travelling around your time (+/- 30 minutes) and on your route.


You choosewho you ride with.
For every ride, an “invite-accept” process is followed so you can choose the people with whom you wish to share rides. Invite members to share a ride or accept invitations from friends you prefer.

Mobile app, alerts, and sms

Instant notifications on your mobile
The mobile app works in sync with your online Orahi account and lets you set up a ride while on the move. You will also get notified on the mobile app or via sms for important ride-related alerts. You can choose the notifications/sms messages that will be sent to your mobile phone.

No conditions!

You choose when you want to use our service
We will never compel you to use our service. Use it only in the mornings, twice a day, once a week, once a month, or not at all. It is completely your choice.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

You choose when you wish to be offline
In case you want to stop receiving ride invitations (or prevent your profile information being set automatically by our system), please activate the do-not-disturb option in your profile. Once it is active, your profile will be left alone and you will receive no ride alerts.


Select your favourite friends
If you do not see specific friends in your default list, then add them to your favourites list. If their travel route matches yours, then they will always show on your profile.

Verified users

Fully verified members
At Orahi, we follow a 3-tier verification approach. Each member can verify themselves with their Corporate E-mail address, a Government-approved ID document, and their mobile number.
The verification status of a member is visible to the entire community at all times, so you can choose to ride with people you “trust”.

Women-only groups

Additional safety for our female members
Female members of our community have the option to choose to ride in women-only groups. Once activated, a female member is only visible to other female members. The system also remembers to only list other female members going her way.

Community Ratings

Public rating on your profile
You can give a rating to a fellow member after sharing a ride with him/her. Rate members for their behavior and punctuality, and for your overall experience on the ride. This helps other members to know more about their fellow riders.

Cashless payments

No worrying about cash exchange
Orahi is powered by a cashless system. This is a prepaid system in which you charge your account with money to get tokens. Use these tokens to pay for your rides.
Payments are transferred between Orahi member accounts. Once the ride is over, then either the passenger can click/tap on “Pay” or the car-owner can click/tap on “Get Paid” to activate the payment for the ride.

Zero entry/exit fee

Pay only if you use our service
There is no entry/exit fee, no membership fee, or any other fee that you may need to pay periodically. You only pay the service usage fee when you use our service. You will never be charged for not using the service for a period of time (whether a week or month or year).
You can also withdraw your complete balance (green token balance) whenever you wish.

100% fuel cost savings

Use Orahi more to save more
You earn tokens when you offer rides to people. You spend tokens as a passenger. With the right ratio of “car-owner” and “passenger” modes over a month, you can reduce your monthly fuel costs to ZERO.