Feeling helpless because of spiralling fuel costs?
Stressed out by your daily office commute?
Wishing your office commute were safer, more convenient, and affordable?

Is that a yes? Welcome to Orahi Carpool, folks.

Orahi Carpool is a dynamic ride sharing system that lets you share car rides to office and back. It is a community-based carpool that enables rides with friends, colleagues, and neighbours.Our carpool system is safe to use, highly convenient, and very cost-effective.

Orahi carpool is an initiative that addresses problems at 3 levels:

1. Individual Level

  1. Rising fuel costs, travel times, and traffic jams
  2. Safety issues when travelling
  3. Stress and associated diseases

2. Organizational Level

  1. Transport for employees (parking spaces and rentals, expensive office cabs, and daily hassles)
  2. Employee safety and satisfaction
  3. Organization’s carbon footprint (emissions)

3. National Level

  1. Rapid consumption of fuel and non-renewable resources
  2. Rising levels of pollution
  3. Billions of dollars spent on importing fuel

Orahi goes beyond simple carpooling because it is an open and non-restrictive system that features flexible timings, choice of co-travellers, cashless payments, women-only groups for travel, mobile alerts, fully verified members, zero entry/exit fee, a compulsion-free service, and upto 100% savings on fuel costs.

We care for our members. Each time you use the system carpool, we promise to help you save money and hassles on your way to work. Each ride on our service is an experience. You’ll end up feeling satisfied and happy on having saved fuel and played your part in reducing pollution. It is this same feeling that drives us, too.

To be a part of the Orahi carpool, register at www.Orahi.com

  • Step 1 – Set up your profile [including travel route and mode (passenger or car-owner/passenger)]
  • Step 2 – Set up a carpool (ride day, departure time, and pickup location)
  • Step 3 – Choose the person/people you will ride with
  • Step 4 – Share a ride and get the Orahi experience
  • Step 5 – Click/Tap to pay/get paid

Here is the complete step-by-step process for carpool:

  • 1> On the My Page (website or mobile app), set up your ride – day/period/time
  • 2> The system will use your preferences to filter and list people you can travel with.
  • 3> Invite people to carpool by clicking/tapping on “Ride with me”. Accept an invitation to carpool by clicking/tapping on “Yes, thanks”.
  • 4> We share contact information only after a confirmation from both sides. Talk to your travel buddy to co-ordinate the ride (if you need to).
  • 5> Share the ride!
  • 6> Click/Tap on “Pay” to complete the ride. Car-owners should click/tap on “Get paid”. This will settle all payments for the ride.
  • 7> Judge your travel experience by rating your travel partner using a 5-star rating system (from 1 to 5). Ratings are visible to the entire community on a user’s profile page.

Our Vision

We aspire to be leaders in providing smart, efficient, and green solutions for community-based travel needs.

Our Mission

We wish to empower our member community with unparalleled, state-of-art, environment-friendly technology solutions for smart and efficient travel. We want to provide our employees with a constructive environment, which exudes positivity, motivation, equal opportunity, and fun.We intend on protecting our stakeholders’ interests through ethical and profitable business decision-making.

Our Values

Professionalism: We always put our customers first, by providing a quality service with speed and perfection, backed by complete integrity and accountability.

Respect: We trust and value each individual, treating them with equality irrespective of position, gender, creed, or culture.

Community and Environment: We are interested in conserving energy by harnessing the power of community collaboration and contributing towards making our planet greener.